Jagriti Dham, Kolkata

Health & Medical Care

Some of the units on ground floor are wheel chair friendly and can be converted into a high dependence care room when warranted. Each floor has a care giver desk with a care giver. It will have a 24 hour nurse with living quarters for nurses within the premises. A visiting Doctor would be available for regular medical check up etc. A standby arrangement with a hospital that ensures preferential care is also being planned

Routine medical check ups will be available as also assistance with daily living such as support in medical record keeping, personal care and nutritional advice etc.
Full care services covering all aspects of geriatric needs like Dementia care, Alzheimer care will be available as and when required at additional cost. However it is necessary to be healthy at point of entry into Jagriti Dham

Hospitalization – When the Community Physician warrants that there is need for hospitalization or where the specialist treating an occupant / resident feels so then occupant / resident will be hospitalized as per the residents’ choice. Such cost will be extra and to the account of the resident.

Ambulance Service – Ambulance Services would be made available in the Complex. However, the use of the ambulance service shall be chargeable to the Resident / Occupant’s account.