In continuation to its objective of providing care where needed. AVI has launched its Care Givers services in NCR covering Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. The trained care givers are both male and female. The care givers are called by various names, some call them GDA, some call them care takers, or patient care attendant, or home attendant or even elder care services at door step or senior care at doorstep.


AVI Care Givers undergo a rigorous in house training course in an independent well equipped training center over a two months course. The skill sets imparted are:

  1. Self-Grooming of Care Giver
  2. Assist in grooming of the Senior Citizen
  3. Resident Positioning
  4. Transferring the Senior Citizen
  5. Monitoring the Vitals
  6. Assist in Bathing
  7. Bed Making
  1. Oral Care and Dental Care
  2. Elimination Need
  3. Administering Enema
  4. Fall Prevention
  5. Pain Management and First Aid
  6. Elementary Dementia and Parkinson Care
  7. General Care

In addition they are trained on job training for 30 days at some of the leading hospitals and nursing homes. Leading to a total 3 months intensive course.

They are assessed internally based on weekly test, feed back report of the institution sent for on job training, and a core group assessment report having a weightage ration of 2:1:1.

They are also assesses by an independent assessment agency M/s INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING iisdtindia@gmail.com

All to make sure that your loved ones and you are well looked after under the umbrella of the AVI Care Net.

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