About us – Background

With better lifestyles and advanced medical care, life expectancy has increased and the numbers living well beyond the 70s has grown rapidly.Changing social patterns, search for better opportunities in the world at large and growing needs have led to the gradual disintegration of the joint family, once the bedrock of security and stability in India. In this changing world the needs of those advanced in age cannot be easily accommodated. This and the preference to lead a quiet, tranquil yet productive life is what persuades many in the ‘golden’ age group to look for alternatives that provide activity, sanctuary, fellowship and care.

Children have grown and done Parents proud.By the time the Elders need to be taken care off the children get into middle age bracket and more often than not are,struggling with their careers, deadlines and ever growing needs of their children. The children are, spread across the globe or country.They are concerned about their precious parents and yet helpless. Worried about the fact that – Are they secure? Are they in company of their friends and not feeling lonely? Are they well taken care,are they spending time effectively on themselves. Are their medical needs taken care should they need it, Are they secure and above all are they Getting good quality food that they relish?

Age Ventures fills this gap

Age Ventures India (AVI) is a private, not-for-profit Trust established in November 2008 by Late Mr AmalGanguli, then President, of the Governing Board of ‘HelpAge India’, whose mission is to provide support services to middle class elderly .