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Age Ventures India has tied-up with Pacifica, Senior Living (USA) as our knowledge partner, with effect from January, 2015.

In order to further enhance the International standards and guidelines being followed by AVI, it has entered into a Knowledge sharing arrangement with Pacifica Senior Living of USA. PSL will assist AVI to go through the learning curve; by sharing best practices and expertise of managing multiple retirement communities with different levels of elderly care.

Pacifica Senior Living, a division of Pacifica Companies was founded in 1978. They are a leading Senior Care provider and are a private, family company based in San Diego, California. Pacifica Senior Living specializes in full-service, assisted living and memory care with communitiesthroughout Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina,Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

Pacifica Senior Living will assist AVI in the following areas:

    1.  Strategic planning advice
    1.  Advice on the performance objectives and measurements
    2.  Design specifications for various type of Senior Living Communities as and when  required
    3.  Review of the building plans before they are finalized to ensure optimization of apartment plans, village layout etc and approval thereof.
    4. Assist in developing a protocol that will ensure a fair contractual relationships between the Senior Living Community and the residents
    5.  Advising on the size of facilities and the required level of manpower including the amenities and facilities
    6.  Assist in laying down the policies, systems and operating manuals and all the functions including accounting and administration
    7.  Train key managers and staff members so as to ensure that required levels of service are achieved at PSL sites
    8.  Assist in working out a detailed healthcare system, record keeping, providing health care, assisted care and dependent care
    9.  System for monitoring of performance of operations and management to ensure regular standards are maintained
    10. Assist in establishing policies and procedures for Human Resources services, including Health and Safety, Training, Personnel and Equalities
    11.  Assist in developing activities, hobbies and engagement of the residents to ensure healthy mentally stimulating atmosphere in the Senior Living ommunities
    12.  Annual review of each Senior Living Community to audit the level of all aspects of service and resident satisfaction


    For more details on Pacifica Senior Living, USA please visit their website:

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