AVI CARE NET – When Needed

    In life we all sail through riding a wave high or low, rough or smooth sea till one comes to a point that one needs support to handle day to day activities of personal nature. The loved ones are away and the house is too dear to move out from and into a care home or retirement home. When one:

    1. Feels that one needs support in handling daily needs
    2. Feels the need with bathing or dressing
    3. Feels the need for eating
    4. Feels the need to get help do daily household chores
    5. Feels the need to handle the house
    6. Feels the need to remind daily occurrences and events
    7. Feels the need to communicate
    8. Feels loneliness eating in

    That is the moment to get AVI Care Net

    AVI Care net is best suited for Care post surgery, respite care when 24 hours care is required and family wants respite from the responsibility, in extreme old age normally referred as palliative care, or care for dementia or Alzheimer or Parkinson. AVI Care Net care givers/care attendant are normally aware from 12 hours to 24 hours basis.

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