AVI attempts to inculcate the following code of conduct to its care givers:

    • Promote and safeguard the interest of the customer and develop their trust while providing high standard of care practices.
    • Acknowledge all cannot know everything and all have limitation and accept only that responsibility that can be performed in a safe and skilled manner.
    • Constantly improve knowledge and attend refresher course and additional training session when required.
    • Ensure compliance with statutory, mandatory and directorate training.
    • Ensure that no act or omission within known sphere of responsibility which is s detrimental to the interest, condition or safety of its customer, clients or colleagues.
    • Work in an open and co-operative manner with members of the customer family and their own team to promote independence whilst recognizing and respecting their involvement in the delivery of care.
    • Recognize and respect the uniqueness and dignity of each customer as individuals, responding to their need for care irrespective of their ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, personal attributes, age, race, gender, ability, sexuality, economic status, lifestyle, culture, the nature of their health problems or any other factor.
    • Report to an appropriate person or authority at the earliest possible time, any conscientious objection that may be relevant to your work.
    • Avoid any abuse of your privileged relationship, maintaining appropriate boundaries with patients, clients and colleagues.. Respect and maintain all confidential information concerning customers obtained in the course of their work, except where non-disclosure would be detrimental to the customer well being.
    • Report in a correct manner, to an appropriate person or authority where it appears that the health, safety or welfare of individuals is at risk or where clinical practice may compromise standards of care.
    • Refuse any gifts, favors or hospitality from customers in your care that may be interpreted as an attempt to obtain preferential treatment.

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