Facilities – Health & Medical Care

All communities supported by AVI have a number of high dependence care rooms with a special dining area, secluded green open area and an open deck. Special nursing and caregiving facilities are also available and a doctor will be available during the day. A standby arrangement with a hospital that ensures preferential care is also there.

Routine medical check ups will be available as also assistance with daily living such as support in medical record keeping, personal care and nutritional advice etc.

Full care services covering all aspects of geriatric needs like Dementia care, Alzheimer care will be available as and when required at incremental cost.

Emergency Alarm System
An emergency alarm response system would be installed at strategic points in the apartment i.e. kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, which would be manned by the main / central control station for any kind of emergencies. Use of such alarm system shall be strictly for medical emergencies only.

When the Community Physician warrants that there is need for hospitalization or where the specialist treating an occupant / resident feels so then occupant / resident will be hospitalized as per the residents’ choice. Such cost will be extra and to the account of the resident.

Ambulance Service
Ambulance Services would be made available in the Complex. However, the use of the ambulance service shall be chargeable to the Resident / Occupant’s account.

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