Self Assesment

  1. Are there steps in your house? If yes, is there a difficulty climbing them?
  2. Is there a wheelchair bound person in the house? If yes, is there a need for Ramp?
  3. Is the flooring of your house slippery and not leveled? (if  there is a height difference or obstruction)
  4. Are the doors wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair?
  5. Are there grab bars where needed?
  6. Is there a difficulty in walking from one area to another in the house without using walking aids?
  7. Are the door knobs and locks easy to operate?
  8. Is kitchen slab at workable height for wheelchair user, are appliances and storage units easily accessible?
  9. Is accessibility to the bathroom difficult?
  10. Are the wardrobe shelves too high or too low access them?
  11. Does the main door have peepholes or viewing panels? If so, are they set at the correct height?
  12. Is the ventilation of house proper?
  13. Is it difficult to reach and locate switches?
  14. Does the house have emergency alarm system?
  15. Is the door bell heard in every part of the house?
  16. Is there a problem related to weak hearing or seeing?