Home security is key It could mean reinforcing the grills, replacing the screw, installing intrusion alarms like hooters, chain/safety latch to the main door. Removing horizontal railings in balcony to vertical railing, alarm connectivity to the closest neighbor etc.


Light & Switches
Lighting must be responsive to the biological ageing. Impaired vision can be worsened by improper lighting design and can cause hazardous conditions that restrict mobility and affect equilibrium. The light should not be either too bright or too dim, as both impede the senior from seeing properly.

Easy turning of switches should be checked, electrical outlets should be made reachable. Door bell should  be modified as per individual need and should be  such placed that it can be heard in every part of the house, condition and placing of extension cords should be checked.

Alarm System
Alarm system in the house is small setup to inform people or to call them in case of any emergency or need for help. It can be placed in bathroom as well as in any of the living areas.

The cord of the system should be reachable from W.C. and from the floor in case of fall or slip.