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  • Facilities – Wellbeing

    Physiotherapy and Fitness Services
    All the communities supported by AVI shall have a well equipped physiotherapy and a fitness center. Qualified physiotherapist along with assistants’ would be available to assist the occupant / residents with their physiotherapy and fitness needs.

    Yoga Classes
    Provisions shall be made to arrange yoga classes on specific days as per schedule.

    Personal Care Service
    Provision will made for providing special assistance) like:

    – Assistance with personal Hygiene – bathing, showering, shaving, tooth-brushing, toileting, dressing etc.
    – Medication Control.
    – Continence Management.
    – Help with eating and drinking.
    – Mobility assistance including using specialist equipment.

    These services will be provided by a care giver under the guidance of a nurse. These will be charged extra on per hour basis. These services would normally be given on the recommendation of the community physician.

    Personal Support Services
    – Where required by an individual and on advance intimation help in personal service like Laundry/Ironing, Shopping, Handy person, minor cooking (to be discouraged),
    – Helping with reading and writing letters
    – Paying Bills
    – General House hold management
    – Facilitating contacts with family and friends
    – Escort to and from social events, GP / Hospital appointments etc ,