Jaipur– Facility Maintenance
Another big advantage to residents is that when they move to the community they don’t need to worry about external maintenance and repairs. This is all carried out professionally, protecting the property values for all residents. The costs are included in the monthly service and maintenance charges, and these are reviewed annually with the residents.

Security – Security means freedom from worry For residents, their peace of mind is vital to the success of the community. Special security features will be designed into the complex and into each individual home. There will also be an emergency alarm that puts the residents in direct contact with site staff any time of day or night.

Every reasonable precaution will be taken so residents can sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that AVI is there if they ever need us. The outdoor and common areas will be regularly monitored via closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. This means residents always feel safe, wherever they are on the grounds.

Emergency Alarm System – An emergency alarm response system would be installed at strategic points in the Apartment, like kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, which would be manned by the main / central control station for any kind of emergencies. Use of such alarm system shall be strictly for medical emergencies only.

Housekeeping for all common areas – Garbage clearance of the common areas and apartments, General Cleanliness and Upkeep.

Individual Flat Housekeeping – Arrangements for internal housekeeping can be made available to residents at market determined rates. This service will cover cleaning, mopping, dusting on daily basis, spring cleaning and vacuum cleaning on periodic intervals.

Repair and Maintenance, Support services of electrician, plumber, and sweeper for all apartments, Cleaning of water reservoirs, Water supply, Painting Lobbies, internal common areas and external on a periodic intervals.
Centralized Mail collection and distribution.

Power – Power Supply from power distributing service plus stand by power.