User Education Series 1

As and when you feel that time is opportune for you to take a call as and want evaluate options to get into .it would be fair to ask questions and address them. That would help you to assess and come to a more evaluated and appropriate decision. To help you in that we give below a checklist. The answers to that would be helpful.

The Independent Living industry offers many alternatives; therefore it is important that those individuals interested in exploring independent living take the time to understand their personal needs and what different communities offer. It is also critical to review and compare the different services available and whether additional charges are incurred or if monthly rent includes the service.

  • Is an Independent Living Community for you?
  • What to look for when evaluating  an Independent Living Community



Below are a number of considerations to help you determine if a move to a retirement community if for you.

Yes        Indifferent        No
  • I want to remain independent


  • I have concerns about my health


  • Emergency medical help is important to me


  • Housekeeping assistance would be helpful to me


  • I would like assistance with home maintenance/repairs


  • I would like assistance with some outdoor maintenance


  • I would enjoy the opportunity to meet new people in a social setting


  • I would like planned social and recreational activities


  • I would like transportation service available


  • I would like meals prepared for me


  • I am willing to move from where I live now


  • I am willing to have less living space in order to receive services such as prepared meals,
    maintenance and housekeeping


  • I would feel safer if I moved somewhere else


  • I would like to have options to spend my time constructively


  • I would like to be have options for practicing my hobbies


  • I would like to be intellectually  occupied


  • I would like to have good routine health facilities from professional medical practitioners


  •  I would like to have access to alternative health facilities like yoga


  • I would like to good physiotherapy facility preferably in house


  • I would like to have good high dependance care rooms as I may be prone to few old age diseases due to family history


  • I would like to have guest facility for my children/friends and relative to  stay


If you answered “yes” to some of the above, an independent living community might be of interest to you.

In the next update we will give checklist of what you need to see before you exercise your decision