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Bangalore – Social & Recreation

Discourses and lectures

Arrangements would be made for regular Discourses and lectures which will be held in the common gathering rooms as per schedule.

Group Outings
Group local outing to be organized as per schedule.

Guest rooms / accommodation
Wherever possible arrangements for housing the Guest rooms in the Care Home block will made on first come first served basis and advance booking for the guests rooms .However the use of such facility shall be charged separately.

Hobby Clubs
Personnel would be available to teach hobbies like pottery, painting, etc. to the Residents as per schedule.

Indoor Games
Indoor games and other old age friendly games would be arranged for the benefit of the residents as per schedule.

Intellectual Continuity
AVI always encourages inter generational mixing to help develop continued interest in the environment and sharing of knowledge.

To this effect a tie up has been entered into with REVA University, where residents can go share knowledge and experience, tutor/ mentor students and be in Company of younger generation.

Residents can avail the internet facilities in the entire building .However print out facility at the lounge / common area at nominal charges.

Library, Magazines and Newspapers
Residents would be able to read various magazines and newspapers at the common gathering areas like lounge, reception as per schedule.

Appropriate numbers of screening of movies would be arranged at the Complex as per schedule.

Music Room
Residents would be able to use the music room which shall be equipped with suitable numbers of portable music systems, CD’s / Cassettes with headphones as per schedule.

Television / Cable Viewing
Residents can also enjoy watching Television in the lounges / designated sitting areas as per schedule.

Transportation Services
Scheduled Transportation services, to and fro for designated places as per pre-determined schedule shall be provided on rotational basis.