Food is God’s way of showing his love for us mortals. All age groups need different set of diets to go with their body needs. It is integral to watch our diet, especially when we are in the later stage of our life.

The demand for certain foods increases with the increase in age; at the same time, it also becomes crucial to understand the kinds of food that one should avoid. Ageing comes with its own set of problems, like during menopause, women have to be extra careful about their eating habits as their ability to absorb calcium decreases and weakness in joints and vulnerability to fractures increase. However, if one decides to eat right, eating well and ageing well could go hand in hand.

1. EAT ANTIOXIDANT RICH MEALS– Anti-oxidants are the agents that fight the symptoms of ageing and keep you young for longer. Natural fruits like berries, plums and oranges are rich sources of anti-oxidants; make them a regular in your diet.

2. CHOOSE SOFT FOODS – At senior age, our teeth aren’t as strong as we would like them to be. Eat soft fruits that are easy on your teeth. Also, cook your food soft and easy to chew.

3. INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE- Load your diet with all types of proteins as they help in making new cells and keep muscles healthy.

4. MORE ACTIVITY, MORE FOOD – Choose your meals according to the amount of physical activity you carry out. A more active person needs more diet.

5. PICK YOUR OIL WISELY– Cook your meals in mustard or olive oil. Both prevent high cholesterol and hence, shield you against a lot of cholesterol bred ailments.

6. ADD POTASSIUM TO YOUR DIET– Potassium contributes in maintaining blood pressure. Make potassium rich foods like sweet lime, fenugreek (methi) and coconut water, a regular feature in your diet.

7. CUT DOWN ON SALT AND SUGAR – Use less sugar and salt in meal preparations. It is a vital step in controlling sugar levels and high blood pressure respectively.

8. STAY HYDRATED– Drink plenty of fluids all day. At least 2 liters of water is a must every day. It could also be complimented with other fluids like juice and milk.

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